Ak Deniz Gypsum plaster 30 kg

Ak Deniz Gypsum plaster 30 kg

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Struck with a trowel.
Gypsum-based Mediterranean Gypsum plaster is a economical, universal plaster mixture rich in additives that enhance the use, strengthen heat and sound insulation, replace cement and sand-based plaster and gypsum-based primer plaster layer.

Complies with AZS 052 (TS 6433) standard.


From this product:

bricks, sawdust, briquettes (pressed coal, peat, ore in the form of bricks) in industrial and civil buildings,
It is used for high-quality plastering of walls and ceilings made of concrete and aerated concrete with a plaster trowel.


repairs are cheaper and faster when used on large surfaces;
at the same time simplifies the work of the master and saves time;
works comfortably, does not crack, the rooms breathe;
gives special pleasure to the master during work;
environmentally friendly;
PVA does not join;
reduces the load on buildings compared to cement and sand-based plasters.


Surface preparation. Care should be taken to ensure that the surface is firm and free of impurities (dust, oil, etc.) that prevent the surface from sticking. Containers for Mediterranean Gypsum plaster must be clean. In hot weather, special "corner profiles" (corner profiles) should be placed in the corners of the walls to ensure that there are no cracks in the corners and that the corners are straight and precise. Plastic "plaster mesh" (plaster fillets) is applied to the places where different materials come together and can be moved. If the surface is as smooth as the concrete coming out of the mold, it is necessary to grind the surface to make it uneven, and so on. There is no need to use old and artisanal methods such as In order to prevent future tearing of such surfaces, it is necessary to apply to the surface at least 24 hours before plastering from PARAKONTAKT or other similar product, which creates a two-way contact between the natural surface and the plaster. Before applying Mediterranean Gypsum plaster to metal surfaces, the surface should be protected from rust with ROKOL Antipas mortar or other similar product.

Preparation of the mixture Sprinkle 10 kg of powdered Mediterranean Gypsum plaster in 5.5-6.0 liters of water and after 3-4 minutes mix with a mixer or hand tool until completely dissolved in water. Once the Mediterranean Gypsum plaster is ready, do not add the dry mixture or water to it again. Do not add any additional material or substance to the Mediterranean Gypsum plaster other than water.


Apply ready-made plaster directly to the built wall and ceiling (ie not plastered with sand-cement mixture) (it is possible to apply Mediterranean Gypsum plaster on a wall or ceiling plastered with ordinary sand-cement, but sand-cement plaster is harmful to health and repair costs are high. injection is not recommended). Usually Mediterranean gypsum plaster is applied to the surface at least 0.8-1.0 cm thick. Depending on the type of surface, a mixture made of Mediterranean Gypsum Plaster and Facing Gypsum Plaster can be applied to the surface 24 hours after the end of the application phase of Mediterranean Gypsum plaster, if necessary. When preparing this mixture, it is recommended to contain 85% Mediterranean Gypsum Plaster and 15% Facing Gypsum. Approximately 24 hours after the previous stage, the coating mixture is prepared and applied to the surface. The prepared Mediterranean Gypsum plaster should be applied for 100-120 minutes, and the coating mixture for 130-150 minutes. Expired or peeled mixture should be discarded.



If the temperature of the environment where Mediterranean Gypsum plaster is used is below + 50C and above + 300C, the required temperature must be provided. Do not use in hot (above + 300C), rainy and windy weather. The drum and equipment to be used in the mixing operation must always be kept clean. Contaminated dishes and utensils shorten the life of the mixture. Equipment and tools should be washed with water immediately after use.


Color: White

Working Temperature: + 50С ÷ + 300С

Application thickness: minimum 8-10 mm, maximum 35 mm

Shelf life: 130-150 minutes

Period of freezing (hardening): 280 minutes

Water / gypsum ratio: 5.5-6.0 liters of water / 10 kg

Drying time: about 3-4 days

Limit of strength: bend

at compression 2.0 MPa, 4.1 MPa

Nasal density of the product in dry conditions
The density of the prepared solution is 0.73 kg / l, 1.60 kg / l

Superficial strength 54 Shor D


In laminated polypropylene bags of 30 kg.

In bags of 30 kg, consisting of 2 or 3 layers of kraft paper and 1 layer of polyethylene.


When using Mediterranean Gypsum plaster, the consumption for a minimum thickness of 8-10 mm per 1 m2 is 9 kg. 1 bag of Mediterranean Gypsum plaster (30 kg) is enough to get about 3 m2 of surface.


Packaged bags can be stored indoors, on wooden pallets, in dry warehouses with a maximum of 10 on top of each other for 6 months, provided that they do not touch the floor.


pay special attention to the cleanliness of the water and containers used;
do not add any additives to the primer other than water;
the above indicators are + 230C ± 20C temperature and 50% + 5% humidity