3 July 2017 Seminars

Who will be covered by new job opportunities?

Natural gypsum-based BLOKPAN interior walls, which have been met with great interest by the entire construction world in recent days, have also drawn the attention of masons. Therefore, special trainings have been launched for masons under the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of Matanat A. The first training was on June 30 in Baku. During the training, masons were informed in detail about the environmentally friendly BLOKPAN interior walls, the application of the product and masonry work were explained visually. After the training, the questions of the participants were answered and the masons were awarded professional certificates, in addition, BLOKPAN masons were...

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21 May 2014 Meetings

“Matanat A” continues to hold regular meetings with masters

“Matanat A”, actıng for 15 years, has always been focused on the masters who are the direct users of the company’s products. “Masters and Architects Club”, bringing more than 2000 craftsmen together, continues its regular events and workshops. Thus, on May 21, next meeting was held with the craftsmen working in Baku. First, the laboratory directors and production engineers informed the participants about the latest products manufactured by the company. These products include, along with Matanat A, AGDAG, Izolatexe etc., which have been manufactured for many years, such new brands as ROKOL, QRANIYAP, PARAKONTAKT, FASMAZAIK, FASNATURAL etc. Then, the craftsmen spoke...

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23 April 2014 Meetings

“Matanat A” met with masters again

Masters and Architects Club” functioning within “Matanat A” and bringing more than 2000 craftsmen together is actively continuing its activity. Thus, in April the company held its next meeting with the craftsmen. The specialists of the company participating in the meeting answered the questions of the masters. During the event the craftsmen were informed in details, about the latest construction technologies, new innovative products and rules of application of such products. At the same time, along with the products they have been using for many years such as Matanat A, AĞDAĞ, İzolatexe etc., they were acquainted with new brands produced...

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30 May 2009 Seminars

"Matanat A" holds large-scale presentation of new products and construction technologies on 29 may 2009

On 29 May, Matanat A, being one of the innovative companies in the construction sector, held a huge event in the Baku Entertainment Centre with the participation of CEOs of construction firms, architects and contractors for the purpose of presentation of its new products and advanced construction technologies. AGDAG gypsum-based plaster, a substitute for rough plaster, was demonstrated at the presentation. The 21st century was proclaimed as the Century of Gypsum. As in Europe and Turkey, in our country interior surfaces should be finished with AGDAG gypsum-based plaster not with the rough one, since houses, villas and buildings plastered with...

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