Another innovation from “Matanat A” – No need for axe anymore

“Matanat A” who always catches the attention of the society with the new products manufactured with the application of innovative smart technologies, present to the consumers its new unique product – PARAKONTAKT. One of the biggest problems experienced by the craftsmen during the repairing process is the detaching of the attached plaster from ceilings and other plain surfaces. In such cases, craftsmen use various methods to make surfaces serrated. They even chop ceilings and surfaces with axe to make them serrated, which takes too much time and effort. With the production of PARAKONTAKT all primitive and old habits are ruled out. In order to make...

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“Matanat A” successfully demonstrated our national brands in the 20th anniversary of Mos Build 2014 International Construction Exhibition

“Matanat A” has always actively represented our country in regional and international construction exhibitions. It is remarkable that, along with the traditionally manufactured products of the company, the ranges of new products manufactured with the application of innovative smart technologies attracted the attention of the exhibition visitors. From 01 to 04 April 2014, the company, once again, participated in Mosbuild 2014 international construction exhibition, attended by up to 2500 international construction companies and more than 170 000 visitors from more than 40 countries, and successfully presented our national brands. The brands manufactured by “Matanat A”, such as Matanat A, AGDAG, FasNatural,...

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Another benevolent event by "Matanat A" on the occasion of Novruz

Within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility, “Matanat A” held another event titled “We are always together” on the occasion of Novruz holiday. “Matanat A”, who was together with veterans of Karabakh war, martyr families, disabled persons during the previous projects, held this event together with the residents of the nursing home for the elderly in Bilgah. The representatives of the company, invited guests, in their speeches at the event held on the occasion of Novruz holiday, spoke about the progress and development currently experienced in our country and about the support and care provided for the low-income families,...

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