The head and staff of Matanat A commemorated the memory of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev with sorrow

16 years have passed since the death of the National Leader, world-famous politician, architect and founder of modern Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev. The National Leader’s memorial day was commemorated at Matanat A with sorrow. The head and staff of the company visited the grave of the Great Leader in the Alley of Honor and laid flowers and wreaths on the grave. Also, the head of Matanat A Elkhan Bashirov and the staff of the company visited the grave of prominent ophthalmologist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva and laid flowers on the grave.

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Matanat A educates masters

Thanks to its new products and inventions with the constant application of innovative technologies since its establishment, Matanat A has been a leader in the construction materials sector of Azerbaijan for almost 20 years. It is also known in our country for the application of advanced traditions in the construction sector in developed countries. It was at the initiative of Matanat A that the Masters Club was established for the first time in our country, which aims to increase the knowledge and skills of masters.  Meetings are often held with the members of the club, trainings and seminars are organized, detailed...

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Another humanitarian campaign took place in "Matanat A" company

"Matanat A" company, which is one of the largest construction materials companies in the South Caucasus, always pays special attention to the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility projects. The company demonstrates that social responsibility is of great importance for it, constantly supporting environmental protection, development of young personnel, as well sports, cultural, educational and humanitarian campaigns. Another humanitarian campaign took place at the company today. The company's employees donated the blood on the occasion of June 14 World Blood Donor Day. About 40 employees of the company voluntarily took part in the campaign. The blood collected by the staff of the Scientific...

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"REDUCE YOUR COSTS! (AZALACAQ XƏRCİNİZ!) Finally, the meaning of this mysterious slogan that has caused great interest of each of us on TV and radio channels, street ads, subway, electronic media portals in recent days.  Matanat A company was founded in 2000. And this company, which has been operating successfully for nearly 20 years, is one of the leading companies in the production of the construction materials. Products manufactured at the plants operating based on modern technological innovations and innovative technologies reflect important innovations both in terms of ecology and in terms of in the cost saving in different fields. Staying...

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"Matanat A" company took part in the 6th graduate-career exhibition

"Matanat A" company, which is interested in creating new jobs in the country's labour market and always expands its staff by means of recruiting new employees, took part in the next career exhibition organized for students and graduates at Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry. The company has already presented about 10 different vacancies at the exhibition, which was held for the sixth time at this University. Students and graduates got acquainted with the advantages of being a member of "Matanat A" family, which is known as the business structure offering high-level working conditions and adequate salaries in the...

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"Matanat A" company took part in prestigious international exhibition

MosBuild 2019 International Building and Construction Materials Exhibition was held in Moscow, Russian Federation on April 2-5.  AZXEBER.COM reported that with the support of the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan and with the organization of the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (Azpromo), Azerbaijani companies presented their products on the single country stand called "Made in Azerbaijan".  "Matanat A", which is one of the leading companies in non-oil sector and one of the largest construction material manufacturers in the South Caucasus, as well expands its sales area every year, also took part in "MosBuild 2019" International Building and Construction Materials Exhibition held in Moscow....

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"Matanat A" company gave festive joy to dozens of families.

Spring is coming to our land, and our people celebrate Novruz holiday with great enthusiasm, which they have been celebrating for many centuries.  "Matanat A" company, which turned corporate social responsibility projects into important part of its activity, has given our people joy in one of the most valuable holidays of our people - Novruz.  Thus, the company's staff visited different low-income families, homeless children, the elderly and aged people on March 18, implemented festive meetings with them and handed them the holiday gifts. During the meetings with the members of low-income families, a conversation was held about the Novruz...

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27 years have passed since Khojali genocide, committed as a result of Armenian vandalism, which our people will never forget. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit the monument to Khojali built in our capital in order to commemorate the victims of this tragedy that terrifies all the world and pray for the souls of hundreds of innocent people who died in that terrible night. As always, "Matanat A" company administration and staff visited the monument to Khojali this year and expressed their anger and sorrow related to unprecedented brutality against the genocide victims and laid wreaths and flowers...

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"Matanat A" company contributes to the increase of the youth employment

 "Matanat A" company is one of the most contributing business organizations to the strategy of opening new places of work and increasing the youth employment in our country. At the same time, the company, which is interested in enriching its staff with young and prospective personnel, took part in the next career exhibition for students and graduates held at Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction. The company presented about 10 vacancies at the exhibition. Students and graduates got acquainted with the advantages of being a member of "Matanat A" family, which is known as the business structure offering high-level working...

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A bowling tournament was held among the employees of "Matanat A" company

"Matanat A" company, which, thanks to its successful business strategy, has maintained leadership in the construction materials market of Azerbaijan for about 20 years, does not ignore effective organization of leisure time of its employees. The company's administration has repeatedly proved by its actions that maintaining at the highest level both working conditions and recreation opportunities for the employees are of great importance for it.  The company's team, consisting mainly of young people, celebrated February 2 Youth Day by holding a bowling tournament. The work performed by positive-minded team, while enjoying effective recreation, also becomes productive and effective.  The source of...

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Matanat A Company commemorated the dear memory of the martyrs

The management and staff of Matanat A visited the Alley of Martyrs to commemorate the memory of the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the freedom and sovereignty of our country 29 years ago - on January 20, 1990. Flowers were laid on the graves of the martyrs and prayers were said for the victims of freedom.

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