Who will be covered by new job opportunities?


Natural gypsum-based BLOKPAN interior walls, which have been met with great interest by the entire construction world in recent days, have also drawn the attention of masons. Therefore, special trainings have been launched for masons under the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of Matanat A.

The first training was on June 30 in Baku. During the training, masons were informed in detail about the environmentally friendly BLOKPAN interior walls, the application of the product and masonry work were explained visually. After the training, the questions of the participants were answered and the masons were awarded professional certificates, in addition, BLOKPAN masons were admitted to the “Masters Club”. Note that Matanat A will support the masters, who have been awarded a professional certificate, in receipt of masonry orders as part of the project.      

Natural gypsum-based BLOKPAN interior walls successfully combine 4 in 1. No need for brick, black plaster, primer and white plaster anymore. BLOKPAN interior walls with a thickness of 8-10 cm, width of 66,7 cm, height of 50 cm are environmentally friendly. Easy application of the product allows putting up partitions that meet the highest qualities in a short time. Note that masonry with BLOKPAN is cheaper. Paint and wallpaper are applied directly on the natural gypsum-based BLOKPAN. BLOKPAN allows you expanding the rooms in your homes and offices, in addition to getting the flat surface you want in a short time. The product also has heat and sound insulation. Earthquake and fire resistant. As BLOKPAN interior walls are hygroscopic, they regulate the humidity of the room, and the rooms get breathable.

Note that “Masters Club” was established in Azerbaijan for the first time in 2004 under the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of Matanat A. The main purpose of “Masters Club”, which has been founded in order to gather masters in a single place, is to meet with masters often to increase their knowledge and skills, build regular contacts, hold trainings, workshops for masters on various fields, listen to their questions and suggestions, and provide prompt and extensive information on innovations in their fields. 

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