Interview on “20 years of Success and Future Prospects of Matanat A” with the head of the company Elkhan Bashirov


The development of the non-oil sector in Azerbaijan and the increase in the volume of non-oil exports are the basis of the economic policy pursued in our country in recent years. As a result of this successful policy, the non-oil sector has grown almost three times in the last 20 years. In accordance with the challenges of modern times, serious reforms are being carried out to strengthen our country recently. Matanat A, which is always a herald of innovations in both production processes and management, has not been left out of this wave of changes either. We present to you the interview with the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Company Elkhan Bashirov on “20 Years of Success and Future Prospects”


  • Hello Mr. Elkhan!
  • What are the successes of the last 20 years for Matanat A?


  • Over the past 20 years, we have achieved many successes in the construction material production sector of Azerbaijan, we have introduced innovative products to solve construction problems in the sector. Today, operating in 3 systems, 24 product groups, we have managed more than 200 trademarks and production of more than 1000 product assortments. We have introduced our “Matanat A”, “AGDAGH”, “FasNatural”, “ROCOL”, “Graniyap”, “PARAKONTAKT”, “Izolatex”, “FasMazaik”, “Parmaket”, “Parmawood”, “Azerlime” and many other innovative product brands to consumers. Many new plants have been put into operation, such as the “Matanat A” plant for the production of cement-based dry construction mixes and the “AGDAG” plant for the production of gypsum-based products. In particular, in 2020, with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev, a new plant was launched in our country with the opening of the AZERLIME Lime Plant in Gazakh region. Although the humanity remembers 2020 as the year of the fight against pandemics, last year was marked by the restoration of our country’s territorial integrity and the “Year of Victory” under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Mr. Ilham Aliyev.


  • Elkhan, we have already left 5 months of 2021 behind, what are your expectations for the next months of the construction season? In general, what are the company’s plans for the near future?
  • Matanat A, which has always been a pioneer in the construction sector, plans to implement various projects this year too. This year, along with expanding our product range, we have already breathed new life into some of our products as a brand. Many of our products, such as Rocol paints, Mirvana paint, Venestro paint, Akdeniz ceramic adhesive, etc. are examples of this. Generations are renewed over the years, and in this regard, adapting our products to the needs of the new generation, both in terms of content and brand, is an important part of our adopted strategy. Also, expanding production areas, marketing new products, creating new markets, and further increasing customer satisfaction are our main goals. Of course, in the current pandemic, it may seem difficult to do all this. However, I must note that the development of entrepreneurial activity in our country has always been in the focus of President Ilham Aliyev. It is this factor that gives us extra strength and incentive. One of our main goals and priorities for this year is the launch of the AGDAG gypsum panel production plant. Let me note that, as in other plants, modern production technologies of Europe and Germany are fully applied in this plant too. Production of high-quality gypsum panels, which will be effective for consumers, has already begun. In parallel, we continue the construction of the stone wool plant.


  • Elkhan, as you get acquainted with the characteristics of the construction materials you produce, both the concept of environmental friendliness and the application of modern standards come to the fore in all these products. We would like to know your opinion on this.


  • I think that every activity should be based on the principle of usefulness, and the value of the product manufactured by the company should be determined by its usefulness. At the same time, the production of environmentally friendly products, the import of modern construction technologies into our country, the application of international standards in the first place in the sector are a priority in our overall strategy. Since the establishment of Matanat A, the protection of environment has been an important factor for the company. It is no coincidence that the corporate colour of the company is the colour of nature - green. The company uses Green Technology, known as the “world-saving” technology, in its production processes. Thanks to the application of nanotechnology, in accordance with the “Green Business” policy, the amount of damage to the environment has been minimized, and there have been opportunities to save energy. At the same time, we now manufacture products that meet international quality standards such as EN 12004, C1TE, C1T, C1, C2T, C2TE classes. This means that our products are able to compete with products manufactured in European markets. Specially, consumers, civil engineers and masters can confidently see the real quality factor and difference by using our products. As a result of adsorption of Nanotechnological particles on fillers in raw materials, a unique adhesive is obtained, the facing plates do not break. Due to this, the motto “A small molecule makes a big difference!” practically reflects the results of our activity. The main quality difference of the company is based on this.
  • As we know, production at the plants of Matanat A is carried out based on modern technologies. Do you have personnel to work with such modern equipment?
  • We are always proud to say that nanotechnologies in the production of construction materials in Azerbaijan were first applied in Matanat A. That is why in 2014 the company was awarded the state award “For the application of innovations in the production of building materials”. The company also received the diploma “The Best Company” in 2012 for the first time in the CIS for the application of modern IT technologies by the prestigious US company Hewlett-Packard (HP) IT Club. The application of nanotechnology plays an important role in protecting the environment as well. For several years now, with the application of SMART technology, the production process has shifted to a fully robotic mode of operation. We have increased the use of digital trading tools. Of course, there are many highly qualified personnel in Azerbaijan. We have organized many foreign programs in the field of human resource development in recent years. In order to further master the technologies obtained from foreign countries, we carry out the training process by specialists from those countries where the equipment is imported to our employees. Through this tool, young people working in our company not only gain international experience, but also acquire new knowledge and skills. At the same time, we have close cooperation with universities in this direction. Before the pandemic, every year dozens of students were involved in an internship program in our company in various fields. Some of them remain and work as employees. During the pandemic, many reforms were made to make faster and more flexible decisions in online working mode, and we were able to further develop management skills in our employees.


  • The media reported that Matanat A would build a plant in the liberated territories. What would you like to note about the year of implementation of this project?
  • You emphasized correctly. As a Company, we have been closely following the processes taking place on the frontline since the beginning of the Patriotic War. Dozens of our employees took part in the battle and one of our employees was heroically martyred in the battles for Zangilan. Like every Azerbaijani, we have provided material and technical support to our Armed Forces during the war. We also want to contribute to the construction and renovation works in the liberated territories, led by President Ilham Aliyev. In this regard, we aim to build a new plant to support economic development. As it is known, the Karabakh region’s lands are rich in abundant natural resources in the field of construction materials. For a long time, the enemy tried to destroy these lands and caused great damage to the environment by committing environmental terrorism. However, by building a plant that aims to produce new environmentally friendly products in these areas, we are both making a certain contribution to the economy and supporting employment in terms of providing new employment opportunities for our citizens returning here. We have asked government agencies to allocate a land for the construction of the plant. If the appeals are approved, we will fulfil our obligations in a timely manner.
  • Elkhan, we once again wish you and your staff a lot of success and thank you for your interesting conversation.