The Matanat A Group of Companies attended the round table to discuss the business cooperation opportunities between Azerbaijan and Iraq.


On September 28, a round table was launched by the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA) with the support of the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce to discuss the opportunities of business cooperation between Azerbaijan and Iraq. The event was attended by officials of both countries, as well as business people engaged in industry and agriculture, food, pharmaceutical, and construction sectors, tourism and logistics. The Matanat A Group of Companies was also represented at the round table.

The Chairperson of the KOBİA Management Board Orkhan Mammadov emphasized the development of economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Iraq and the extensive opportunities available to attract small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to cooperation in this regard, in particular. It was also noted that the Agency is willing to assist in creation of a joint platform to expand business cooperation between Azerbaijan and Iraq. Speaking about the KOBİA's activities, Orkhan Mammadov noted that the Agency can support the Iraqi businessmen interested in establishment of their business in our country, in the coordination with relevant structures, selection of reliable local partners or otherwise, and called them for active discussions within the round table.

Speaking at the event, Sabina Akbarova, representative of the Matanat A Group of Companies, noted that we, as a company, are willing to contribute to the strengthening of the economic cooperation between our countries: "We can support the import of products to the country, as well as the construction of factories in Iraq."

Azerbaijani and Iraqi businessmen, representatives of industrial parks and business associations of both countries told about their activities and brought into focus the available opportunities for cooperation.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between KOBİA and the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce within this round table. An agreement on cooperation between the Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce was also signed within the event.