September 27 is the beginning of a new era of economic victory!


September 27 was remembered as the beginning of an essential and subsequent success of history for our people and our country. Azerbaijan, which has been trying to make the voice of truth to be heard internationally for 30 years, has not deviated from this path and has achieved a historic victory by replacing the voice of truth with the war of truth.

We began to demonstrate our solidarity as a nation, regardless of position, social and political identity, since this date. That is the day when many of our brave sons showed courage in the war of truth and gained high titles either as martyrs or veterans.

The memory of our martyrs who died for the motherland will always live in our hearts. Each of them is a real hero, a model of courage and fearlessness for future generations. The fate of the war was determined by the Azerbaijani soldier and his brave commanders, who showed real heroism on the battlefield, especially our Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

 Thus, the Patriotic War, began on September 27 under the leadership of Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, ended in a glorious victory. During the 44-day military operation, the Azerbaijani army achieved a great victory by destroying the armed forces established by Armenia for 30 years. This convincing historical victory realized the liberation of the ancient and historical homeland of the Azerbaijani people after about 30 years. This historic victory ended the long-term longing and grief of more than a million Azerbaijani citizens.

Matanat A Group of Companies also supported the rear and the front during the Great Patriotic War.

Thus, 35 of our employees voluntarily joined the army, and one of our valuable employees became MARTYR for the freedom of our lands.

Matanet Group of Companies has provided financial and technical support to the Armed Forces Assistance Fund. As a company, we are ready to continue demonstrating our support and solidarity in the revival of Karabakh.

Being faithful to our traditions, we plan to build a new plant and start production in the occupied territories. 

We believe that we will add new successes to the prosperous economic development in all country regions due to the people who will work in these plants in Karabakh. The plants to be opened in our liberated regions under the slogan "Contributing to the Development of the National Economy" will create favourable conditions for improving social welfare by becoming an essential contribution to the economic growth of our country and an employment centre for people returning to their native lands.

There are still much to do. We, entrepreneurs, must continue to work with determination and will to contribute to developing our national economy for a stronger Azerbaijan.

September 27 will be honoured as the Day of Remembrance in our country every year under the order of Mr President Ilham Aliyev.

In connection with the Day of Remembrance, we with the employees of our company commemorate our martyrs with deep sorrow and ask God to bless our martyrs together.



May God have mercy on all our martyrs!

We bow before the souls of our martyrs!


Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Matanat A Group of Companies

Elkhan Bashirov.